About Bridge IT Solutions

Bridge IT Solutions provides the connection between Business and Technology by providing holistic, customised IT Solutions. With an ever changing IT Landscape, we understand the complexities that Businesses face now in the current climate, and also into the future. We can provide the bridge that is needed to drive Business continuity and change in this ever changing world. Combining over 40 years of IT Industry experience, we simplify the relationship between the technology you consume now with the business needs for tomorrow by providing tailored Solutions that allows you to expand as you grow.

We are passionate in establishing long-lasting relationships that show our commitment in understanding your current environment so we can maximise the full potential of your IT Infrastructure. At Bridge IT, our holistic approach assures best practise solutions that also provide a guided path throughout your entire journey as well as an ongoing commitment through our unique monitoring Services. We work hand in hand with Small-medium size Enterprises, which shows we understand the Market, your organisation and can configure customised solutions that are robust, reliable and responsive to your business and your own customers too.

Meet The Team

William Connors
William ConnorsDirector
Glenn Cadman
Glenn CadmanDirector