Configure-to-Order Servers (CTO) – Custom Build Servers

Configure-to-Order (CTO), also known as a custom build server, allows a businesses to define the exact component make-up (configuration) of a server and customize it to suit their needs for now and in planning for the future.

Our extensive industry experience & product knowledge allows our Solutions Architect Team to create cost-efficient, power-efficient and reliable server solutions. We will guide you through your specific server requirements & configure the optimum server to suit its purpose while considering things like price, power, speed, usage, longevity & scalability.

From here your CTO, Configuration-To-Order server, would be sent to another solutions architect within the HPE & Dell teams, where the build is cross checked, ordered, parts picked and assembled according to the user’s requirements. During this process the product quality can be strictly controlled & thoroughly tested before finally being shipped direct to you. All servers are professionally packed & protected at the factory, then shipped by reputable transport companies. Manufacturers have streamlined their build processes and can now custom configure and deliver faster than ever with most custom builds taking 1 to 4 weeks.

We have an extensive range of rackmount, tower and blade servers that are customizable with everything from Server Memory, CPUs, PSUs, HDDs, SSDs, RAID cards, network cards and more, even down to custom logo branding and colour.

If you’re looking for spare parts, for both current and legacy systems, we have an extensive global reach to all major manufacturers, distribution warehouses and high quality refurbished spare server parts (from the manufacturers and refurb companies). A lot of refurbished parts are thoroughly tested and backed with a 3 year warranty.

  • Qualified Server Solutions Architects

  • Guaranteed to suit your requirements

  • HPE Business Partner

  • Aruba Business Partner

  • Warranty & Support Options

  • Backup & Security Options

  • Managed Service & Support Options

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