Home00D9676 Lenovo Mellanox QSFP to SFP+ adapter

00D9676 Lenovo Mellanox QSFP to SFP+ adapter

Lenovo Mellanox QSFP to SFP+ adapter


Lenovo Mellanox QSFP to SFP+ adapter

Part Number: 00D9676

Based on Mellanox’s ConnectX-3 technology, these adapters provide a high level of throughput performance for all network environments by removing I/O bottlenecks in mainstream servers that are limiting application performance. With the FDR VPI IB/E Adapter, servers can achieve up to 56 Gb transmit & receive bandwidth. Hardware-based InfiniBand transport & IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB) stateless off-load engines handle the segmentation, reassembly, & checksum calculations that otherwise burden the host processor.

RDMA over InfiniBand & RDMA over Ethernet further accelerate application run time while reducing CPU utilization. RDMA allows very high-volume transaction-intensive applications typical of HPC & financial market firms, as well as other industries where speed of data delivery is paramount. With the ConnectX-3-based adapter, highly compute-intensive tasks running on hundreds or thousands of multiprocessor nodes, such as climate research, molecular modeling, & physical simulations, can share data & synchronize faster, resulting in shorter run times.

Product ID: 00D9676

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